Sunday, September 23, 2007

Growing up too fast...

My baby went to a black and white semi-formal affair last night. Now, this doesn't surprise me, it just makes me want to slow down time a bit. He got his learner's permit a week ago, so now he driving everytime he gets into the car. He is loving High School band and literature. When did the little boy disappear?


Deborah said...

Paul looks sooooooooo cool and grown up! Great picture, Mom!
And by the way, love the color on that wall behind him.

I love and miss you,


Debbie B said...

Thanks! He is growing up to be a fine looking young man. However, when I look at him I still see the five week old baby that God blessed our family with. I have one of the sweetest pictures of Noel holding him. She was so little, too.


Minkydo said...

Wow!! He's really growing up.

Debbie B said...


I will post some pictures of the newly redecorated kitchen. Some of our cabinets fell off the wall this summer, so we re-did the kitchen and the half bath off of it.