Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Be still

I always know when the world is too much with me. I have had to be quiet a lot today. I can’t really say where the day has gone. But, I needed to hear from my Lord. My favorite verse is: “Be still and know that I am God.” I have a hard time being still. I struggle with the desire to want to escape when I am afraid or when I am hurting. Yet, God wants me to wait on Him. He desires to love me no matter what situation that I find myself in and He wants me to seek Him out.

“Be Still” those words echo in my mind and spirit today. “Be Still” and let God cover me with His unending love. “Be Still” and listen to His quiet voice. “Be Still” and trust Him.

I was feeling guilty for not following my plan for this day. But, I needed to get quiet before my God.


Karren said...

(((Debbie))) Continuing to lift you Up with fervency as you navigate this difficult time.

TobyBo said...


We do the middle ages unit every few years and I always think the monks were onto a good thing with times of mandatory silence. I have never been able to convince my kids of it, though.