Sunday, September 23, 2007

Well, since I posted the great picture of Paul....

I decided to post a photo of the other men in my life. I made it a few weeks ago.

This one is of Mark and me. We were having family portraits made that day; however, Paul's eye swelled up and looked horrible. He wouldn't let me make a picture of him and needless to say I didn't buy any portaits.

This is the most current portrait that I have of our family. Paul was six and Michael was 15. I think it's time for a new one.


TobyBo said...

good pictures and I agree... time for a new family portrait. :)

Deborah said...


You are Soooo funny! I love that family picture, but you better get another one soon.

Ya'll look great. It was great to see everyone. You are beautiful, as always.

I love you,

by the way - great window there a blog with pics of your house???

Debbie B said...

Deborah, if you open up the July 2006 and scroll through those posts, you will see some pictures. I will also post some newer pictures of our livingroom and the kitchen. Those rooms have changed....... and the boys rooms have never been as clean. LOL