Monday, August 20, 2007

Choosing Happiness.....

Do we decide whether or not to be happy? Is that decision within our power? Do we allow circumstances to influence our joy in life?

These questions came to me a little bit ago. I think that some of us allow the world around us to yield too much power in our lives. We get up everyday and do exactly the same thing and then cry that we aren’t happy. Worry over finances, our children, or our spouses robs many Christians of their joy. Yet, the apostle Paul tells us that we should rejoice in all things.

So, how do we put ourselves into a position where joy reigns supreme in our lives? August is a difficult month for me because it’s my daughter’s birthday. I find that even when I control my thoughts during the day that my dreams are invaded by sadness and memories. I have been contemplating what actions that I need to take to avoid the trap of sadness.

First, I have to submit this area of my life to Christ. I have to tell Him, “Lord, this hurts and breaks my heart, please take away this sorrow.” I also have to pray and read the scripture. I need to allow God to wrap me up in the Word.

Next, I have to let go of it. If my mind begins to wander in that area, I stop it. I do something that requires concentration in order to get it accomplished. I cannot just sit idly by and allow my mind to replay past events and memories. This always and only brings me into a lower state of depression and sad.

Finally, I have to make a list of my blessings and then thank God for them. I have to practice gratitude. I get specific. I say things like: Thank you for my husband who is devoted to me. Thank you for protecting Michael and not allowing my parents to kidnap him, too. Thank you for giving us Paul. Thank you for dear friends.

I also think on certain scriptures that comfort me or remind me of God’s promises.

Usually, when I follow these steps, I realize that my happiness (or joy) can be found. Often, it’s my job to dig it up from being buried under piles of self. I have to trust God. When I get rid of the garbage, my life seems brighter and I can see hope and a future.



Kearsmom said...


I can not remotely fathom what you have been through. But I pray for you.

Interestingly, our thoughts have been along similar lines this week.

Choosing joy...choosing holiness.

Debbie B said...

Well, you know what they say? :)Great minds think alike.