Sunday, February 25, 2007

February is a really short month!

Man, time flies as we get older and it flies ever faster when the month is only 28 days long. I can't believe that it is already 2 months since Christmas. We are already making summertime plans.

Sometimes, I think that we plan our lives away instead of enjoying and truly living each minute. We are always talking about the next event instead of stopping and being part of today. I wonder if we are living each day and week with great expectation and joy? Are we pleasing God? Are we seeking Him? Are we being loving to our family and not wasting our time? What will my children remember about me when they are older? Mom drove us crazy when getting ready for a trip or company? Or will they remember that Mom made our house a home and that she loved being with us?

I love the verse that tells us not to worry and I wish that I could truly incorporate that ability into my life and NEVER worry but always and only TRUST God.

Also, do we really wait to hear from God before we act? Do we weep over the lost or are we too busy being busy to really think about the lost?

What should be our passion?



§wanny said...

What a beautiful post!!
I so needed to hear this. You are such a blessing Debbie!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful it would be to live like that. I'm not there yet.

Debbie B said...

Thanks Swanny... sometimes, I just have random thoughts and ponderings. Life seems so short especially as I get older. I used to think about places that I wanted to go to but now it's more about spending TIME with those that I love. Now, spending time with them in wonderful places is really nice. LOL

I do wonder what kind of impression I will leave on my sons. I hope that they both know that I adore them and they are wonderful masterpieces of the Living Lord.