Friday, March 02, 2007

March Comes In Like a Lion!!!

Yep!!! It sure does. We lost our power last night at 2 am. Storms are all over the place. It was restored 7 hours later. Mark and Michael both had to go to into friends to shower this morning. I was THRILLED when the power came back on because it meant I had running water. For some reason, the electric pump on our well doesn't work without power. hehehe

Paul has decided to fish the past few day out back in our small, tiny lake or big pond. We call it a pond. He has been catching these pretty good size fish and then he throws them back into the water. I looked out the window - and the child left two coolers and a big plastic tub that he was putting the fish in yesterday. I am surprised that those thing aren't floating on top of the pond this morning with all the nasty weather. lol

I was desperate this morning for coffee. So, I dragged the grill out of the garage and lite the burner and put my tea kettle on to boil some water. I TRIED to drink instant coffee. Man, oh Man!!! Can we say "evil form of torture???" LOL It was about the grossest stuff that I have ever put into my mouth. Just plain old nasty.

Fortunately, during my coffee experience - that POWER was restored and I made myself a cup of coffee. I had called Mark at school, and he was drinking FRESH coffee and I was so jealous. Amazing how addicted I am to caffeine.

I have really been enjoying Paul this week. He has been doing this new math curriculum WITH understanding! He has been sweet and helpful this week. Washing my van, helping with laundry and he's cooked some entire meals. And, the best part was, he is turning into a good cook.

Michael has decided to run for Senate at his college. This is what his school calls the class representatives for his college government. He is turning in his petition today where he had to gather signatures. He also has an interview scheduled to be an Orientation leader when new students arrive in the fall. And, he's putting in an application to be an RA. I pray some, if not all, of these opportunities work out for him. He loves his college and that thrills me.

My new semester has started. I am going to TRY and fly with these next classes. I ended up with 31 credit hours completed last semester. I have to write two papers for my Ethics class and then take my Literature and Ethics protored exams. And... then I am in the School of Education. I am thrilled. Y'all will hear me shout when these three classes are completed. :)

Mark told me yesterday, that he has been feeling very blessed lately. He started naming his blessings and once again, I was humbled that this godly man asked me to marry him over 27 years ago. He sees in me things that I do not see. God is so good to me.

He told me that he thought about me and his life with me all of the time. I asked him, if when he thought of me, did he see that young woman he married, who was thin, had a perfect complexion and believed in people and had such an innocent faith?

He said that had saw me as I am today. A woman who has grown more beautiful, loving and who has filled his home with a faith in God and Christ. (I have GROWN... but not more beautiful.) He told me that when he thinks of me, he sees that he is fortunate and blessed. He said that he loves my intellect, wit, and kindness and then he went on the say, that I am so much more than that girl he married and that I thrill him.

Yes, God has blessed me by this man. I adore him. I am not worthy of him.



§wanny said...

you are blessed indeed!!! I love hearing about your life

Debbie B said...

Thanks. I feel very fortunate, especially when I hear of some marriages, that I have such a good one.