Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I have finished all my work for this class!!!

This is a huge load off of me. Now, I am waiting on my last two assignments to be graded but so far, I have an pretty high A for the class. :)

My eyes are doing somewhat better this week. Mark bought some cool-mist humidifiers and that is helping me!! I am so blessed by that dear man.

Paul and I took the dogs to the groomer yesterday and then Paul picked them up later on in the day. Here's a funny about Paul. I had asked him about taking the dogs (remember, these are little doggies) and he said, "Sure." Later on, he found me and asked, "Do I have to take them in MY car?" LOL!!! His car is usually a mess and his interior is black. My car is usually clean and my interior is cream. But, we used my car. He had cleaned his car on Friday because he had to drive in the Christmas parade.

I am planning on trying to begin some Christmas baking this week. I will take it slow... for me. I love the smells of Christmas - normally. So, I need to bake early in the week before I take those Friday pills which make everything smell and taste horrid... sort of like metal. So, I'll bake early and eat my oatmeal on Friday and Saturday.

I have most of my Christmas wrapping DONE!! This is early for me. I need to find a couple of weird shaped boxes for two items and then, finish up wrapping some of the girls' presents. Well, I have to pick up a couple of little things and I want to try and make a few things.... but we shall see.

Today, I am going to bake and listen to Christmas music... and work on the never-ending laundry. And, I hope to get in a little reading if my eyes let me!!

I love this season. We are now in the second week of Advent - which is Preparation. I pray that all of our hearts are ready to accept the glorious gift of Christ coming into this world. We are so blessed by a marvelous Savior. The first week was Hope. We have tremendous Hope that is found only in Christ. Of course, our Hope was made manifest in Christ.

Today, my prayer for you is that you see the the gentle ways that God's works in this world. Often, we look for a big burning bush or a show of lights. But, God frequently works in the small and in the quiet. He worked out His most amazing blessing through the birth of one small baby. Look around you and see the ways that God is working in your life.... and rejoice.

Be Blessed!

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