Monday, October 18, 2010

A Praise!

I had encouraging news at the eye doctor's today. Finally, they saw no filaments on my cornea which means all of these drops and drugs are beginning to work. And, he thought that he might have seen some tears.

So, my eyes are improving. I still cannot overtax them and I have to continue use the eye drops but they are improving.

I see my rheumatologist on November 2 and my next eye appointment is November 4. I am so glad not to have to be going to the eye doc weekly!

Hopefully, I will get a good report from the rheumatologist, too.

I have actually managed to lose weight while taking all of this prednisone. That's a huge blessing since my rheumatologist told me that would make my hips, knees and ankles worse than they are now. I do get hungry, but I am being good.

Thank y'all for continuing to pray for me. I needed this good news. It uplifted my spirits.


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Amy said...

Praise the Lord!!! :) I am so glad to hear that things are starting to look up! Keep taking care of yourself! ((((big hugs)))) Love ya! Amy :)