Monday, September 06, 2010

Pictures from August....

Man, I meant to post these photos earlier and life happened and I didn't get it done. The first one is a dear friend and me. Mark and I got to visit with Deborah for a little while before we headed home after Aaron's wedding. It was so wonderful to see her and realize that God blesses us with friends who are like family. I guess I would call her my sister by choice.

Deborah and Me

The next photos are of Mark's brothers and sisters and their spouses. We were able to get together for a meal on Sunday, August 8.

Kelly and Tim

Mike and Jane

Joan and John

Mark, Debbie, and Paul

Mandy Lee, Stan, and Emily

These photos are the in-laws with Charlotte, the original children with their mom and some of the grandchildren with Grandmaw.

Mike, me, Kelly, Emily, John, and Charlotte

Mark, Stan, Jane, Tim, Joan, and their Mom

Six of the Cousins...
Jared, Paul, Ashley, Mandy Lee holding Vivian, Graham and Grandmaw

The Cousins, again!

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