Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finally, a few pics of Paul's completed Eagle Project!!!

Man, we are ALL happy this project is complete! It has taken lots of man hours and could not have been accomplished without a couple of the other Scout dads! We are so thankful for the help in constructing the swing set and in picking up all the supplies from Lowes. Lowes gave Paul some great prices on the supplies needed for the project. Some of Paul's church members donated for the project. He was still short by several hundred dollars, so he got in his class A's and went to a few businesses. We want to say a special thanks to Webster's, Dr. Barrett our dentist, and to a teller at Montgomery Bank and Trust. Without all of you contributing his project would have lacked funds.

We also want to thank all of the young men who helped work on this project. Hopefully, Grace United Methodist Church will enjoy her play area for years to come.

So, enjoy a few photos of lots of hard work in the HOT Georgia sun!!!

Taking off the slide to replace some of the rotten wood and rusted bolts.

A brand new swing set and two wooden picnic tables!

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