Sunday, May 03, 2009

Well.... this past week my computer crashed!

The mother board is dead. Mark and I talked about fixing it up and increasing the RAM and getting more HD and then I realized it was easier to buy a new one. So, I bought us a Dell. All I can say...... I am not used to this Vista stuff.

Our other concern is getting all of our documents and photos off of our old computer. sigh. We are hoping to have someone retrieve our information.

I need to make some photos and load them into this computer. I should take some outside ones of Paul's hammock and my azaleas.

The school year is almost over. And, I am thrilled. I am buying a teeth whitening business. I will be working out of a salon. Hopefully, this will free up some of my time for writing and homeschooling Paul.

I am looking forward to having time with my precious family this summer.

Blessings and Hugs,

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Leah-Joy said...

I hope that you have a really awesome summer! I hope that you can come to the wedding celebration! I miss you and would love to see you!!