Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The final countdown to school being OUT!!!

The last few days of teaching have been fun.... NOT! The 5th grade math teachers have been doing remediation for all of the 65 students (that's like a third of our fifth graders) who failed the CRCT (Georgia State Testing) in math. Of course, most of these students failed the 4th grade CRCTs, so this isn't a surprise. Since Friday, all day long, I have had a class of 20 some students who are very confused about math and several with major behavior problems. It's been a blast. Tomorrow, I will be re-testing this group of students. I do not know most of these kids since the students who failed the test were split into three groups and assigned to one of the teachers. I am so looking forward to tomorrow at 11 AM when I should be DONE with these students.

All of my business supplies have arrived and I begin my training tomorrow late afternoon. I have already had several requests from future clients. After I complete the training, I will purchase my business license and insurance. Hopefully, this will be a nice addition to our income.

The last day of students is FRIDAY!!! And, my last day of school is next Thursday. I am praising God for surviving an impossible position!!! This year has been so very unpleasant. But, God has truly seen me through this school year.


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