Sunday, August 24, 2008

Watching Paul Grow....

I know that God ordains that our precious children grow up. His desire is that they become responsible adults who love and serve him. This is my desire for my children, too. However, I find that my heart strings are being tugged and pulled at with much force as I watch my youngest racing toward becoming an adult.

Paul turns 16 on Sept. 8. Where has the time flown? When did he change from a young lad to the emerging young man that I am seeing? In a few short weeks, he will be getting his driver’s license and pulling out of my driveway without his dad, older brother, or me in the car making sure that all is safe and watching and trying to protect his decisions.

He has begun practicing his bass guitar with a new determination. Daily, he leaves our house to go and practice with his friends. He straps that large instrument to his back and picks up his amp and heads out the door. His friends mean the world to him and I am feeling left behind and realizing that all too quickly, he will be leaving and making his way in the world.

The other night when he came home, he walked into our darkened bedroom to tell me he was home. I could see this silhouette of a lanky young man still with his bass on his back. He came over to me and hugged me and told me that he was going to bed. All felt safe. My precious youngest son was home, and now I could go to sleep. Yet, my heart was breaking.

I still remember the laughing little boy who loved his trains. I remember the little boy learning how to ride his bike. I remember this child who adored his mommy and would walk with his small hand in hers.

Now, he walks alone. He no longer needs to hold my hand. He no longer plays with trains.

Thank you, Father.
Thank you for the gift of Paul.
Thank you for the joy his has brought into our lives and this family.
Protect and watch him, always.
Keep his hand in Your hand.
Hold tightly on to him when I am not with him.
Bless his life and keep his path straight.

Amen, through Christ I pray.


Wendy aka "Grits" said...


Leah-Joy said...

It hard to believe that Little Man is seven and that Buddy is ten! I don't know what we will do when they are sixteen.

Deborah said...

I love this boy too!!
I remember helping you to get his room just right, with bumper pads and pillows and all the soft baby things. I remember his fascination at all your beautiful Christmas ornaments and lights...what an awesome young man. My heart breaks with yours, and celebrates with you.

I love you and MISS you.

Debbie B said...


Tomorrow is the day that he takes his driving road test.

I can't believe that he's this old. You are so blessed to still have little ones that you can love, hold and raise.