Saturday, July 19, 2008

Watching our children grow......

Something amazing happens as we age. Our children and dear friends' children grow up into wonderful adults and teens. I have linked several blogs of young people that I have been privileged to watch grow up. Both of these families were homeschooled.

I have four of Deborah's daughters' blogs linked: Noel, Marigrace, Hope, and Leah Joy. I met Deborah when she only had Noel and Marigrace. I also have Deborah's blog linked. Deborah has a family of five daughters and two sons. She is currently hoping to adopt two more children from Africa.

Saige and Leah are two wonderful young women that are Danna's daughters. Saige is now married and a mother of two making her mom a grandmom! And, Leah is a teacher living near her folks, which also makes her mom very happy.

Check out these blogs and be encouraged that God honors our prayers, training and faith as we raise our children. God does not expect us to be perfect as mothers. He does expect us to love our children and trust Him as He leads our families. Remember when we have long days that we are not to grow weary in doing good. Do good to your family. Love and honor your husband.



Graham said...

And because of your visit, I've been able to visit your blog and Deborah's - to reconnect to some wonderful memories and friends as well!!! It was so great for y'all to visit the other day.

Debbie B said...

Danna (graham),

I loved seeing y'all, too! I am glad that I told you about Deborah's blog. Life seems to move so quickly. I hope that we see each other again soon. Mark called the visit with y'all "peaceful."


Leah-Joy said...

Thank you Mrs. Debbie for that! You are such an encouraging example for me and my sisters!

Deborah said...

Thank you for all the cups of coffee, all the support, and especially, all the prayers for the children for the past 18 years...

Your friendship is precious to me.