Saturday, February 16, 2008

Winter Break

I am thrilled because I do not have to Student Teach next week. The elementary school is on winter break. I do have six involved college tasks to submit and 12 reflections for my Cohort class. I find that the Cohort call and reflections are a waste of precious time. I also have to write up some lesson plans for school and prepare and write this science unit that I will be teaching. So, while I get a break from daily teaching, I will be staying extremely busy.

Monday I have an orthodontist and dentist appointment. Fun.

Mark is off this next week, too. I hope that we can steal away for a few lunches out during the week.

I have completed the first six weeks of Student Teaching and I am SO very glad.

Paul played in his very first official soccer game this morning. Mark and I were there to cheer on our Jr. Varsity team. They lost. But, it was still cool to see them play. The first half of the game, our team seemed out of rhythm. However, the last half of the game they really came together and did a tremendous job.

My favorite show is back on television - LOST!!! It's my little escape from reality.

Well, I need to run. I hope everyone had a sweet Valentine's day.


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Deborah said...

Winter what??? Did you say "break" or did I miss something???

When the Lord blesses you with a job, it's going to feel like a break!!

I love you dearly,