Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Well.... I guess that I am officially done with.....

homeschooling. After 17 of schooling my sons, I enrolled Paul in Public High School yesterday. He is starting his 9th grade year. Mark and I have prayed much about this decision. Paul has maintained that he wanted to attend High School since the 6th grade. It's rather funny. For me, it feels like something precious is leaving my life but Mark and Paul are both rather excited about the entire process.

I do believe that Paul will have some advantages in the High School. I haven't yet figured out how to do marching band in homeschool. In Florida, Paul was able to do electives through the public school system. That worked out so nicely. However, Georgia does not allow homeschooled students to take any classes. I guess my tax dollars do not count in Georgia.

He is taking a full load of seven periods. I hope that he doesn't feel overwhelmed. But, I am expecting this transition to take some getting used it. The house is going to feel so quiet and lonely during the days with him gone. He has always brought such sunshine into my life. I will miss him.

Paul on the other hand is excited beyond words. He has read all the school rules on clothing and the lists of his needed supplies several times. I am glad that he is excited about this new life experience. He told me last night, that he wasn't going to tell me when he went off to college. He is just not going to come home one day and the next time that I see him, he'll have his degree. I don't even want to think about him going off to college. LOL

Changes and new beginnings are hard on me. I have had too many in my life; however, I know that certain changes are to be expected. I am praying that the Lord grants Paul a successful 9th grade year and that he gives me grace and wisdom and the ability to embrace this change in our family.



TobyBo said...

I like Paul's plan for college... I think I will consider suggesting that to my oldest. :)

Kearsmom said...

Hey Debbie!

Just proving to you that I have now officially read your blog!