Sunday, March 04, 2007

Shopping for a washing machine....

Okay, I needed it since mine broke this week and it was time to bury the horrible thing. I have been telling Mark for the last two years the washer was going to die. I knew it. I know I will like having a nice new one, too. However, there are so many other things that I would have rather spent the money on - like Disney World.

As we were writing the check today for our washing machine, I said to Mark, I guess I won't be getting a laptop anytime soon. :(

Someone explain this to me. WHY is a new washing machine mine? I know that I am the one to USE the thing since I appear to be the laundry maid. But, honestly..... this isn't JUST for me. Yes, I picked it OUT because I am the one who does the laundry but the last time I looked less than 1/4 of the laundry was actually my clothing.

Oh, well. That's life. All of my piano teaching money is going towards this machine this month. Easy come - easy go. You know, there is a real blessing, or rather the realization of a blessing, in the breaking of this thing. Years ago, when my washing machine broke and Mark was in seminary, I got to wash CLOTHES in the bathtub for 3 months until we could get enough money together to buy a very used and old machine. That wasn't fun! So, this time I had to cancel a trip to Disney World but WE had the money to get a new machine.

Maybe, God wanted to get my attention and get me to realize that I am blessed. Blessed because I was able to purchase a new machine. Blessed because I have running water. Blessed because I have all of these appliances that act as my maids!

It was fun looking at all these new fancy machines; although, I couldn't in anyway justify spending nearly $2,000 on a set! I am amazed that people do! I will love my machine which was under $500.00 including delivery and shipping and we get the delivery refunded! wowhooo! I am also planning in about six weeks to buy the dryer that matches this washer and I will sell my dryer at that time.



Leni said...

I have to keep buying used machines, and my dh has a fit when the dryer breaks. You can't get a dryer in my basement w/o taking it apart.

Heehee...Next house will be a ranch!

Debbie B said...

Ugh, I would hate having to carry laundry up and down stairs. I don't think that my back would last very long!


~T said...

Hi Debbie! I am posting on your blog, however, today is Tuesday... hint hint! snicker snicker...

Congrats on your kewl washing machine! I need a new LARGER dryer!

Karren said...

We're having to get a new washing machine, too. Ours first quit spinning and we had to manually turn the dial to make it go through each cycle. But now it just fills with water and stops. I guess it was an gradual death we shoulda anticipated. It had a long life and served us well. lol