Monday, May 15, 2006

A Busy Week Ahead...

I just realized that this is going to be ONE really busy week. I teach piano lessons Monday through Wednesday this week. I put all my Thursday students on Monday because Thursday is my studio's recital. I am basically ready for the recital on Thursday. I have the programs printed up, the certificates completed, and the metals and trophies ordered and arrived. Thursday, I will run out and get balloons to use as decorations and to give to the students.

My husband also wants to have a yard sale Thursday through Saturday this week. I have tons of boxes that he has pulled out of the attic to now go through. I am going to have the guys bring tables to the covered porch and start putting stuff out tonight and cover everything with sheets to keep them clean. I am going through bags of clothes - washing and sorting and sizing for the sale. I really dislike holding garage sales. But, we need to get rid of some of this stuff before we move the end of June.

I also have enrolled in two college courses - geology and psychology. I need to be studying this week and writing some papers. I guess, I will be busy.

Next week, we are going to attempt to go to Georgia for my best friend's son high school graduation. We got up there for her oldest son's two years ago and I really do not want to miss Aaron's. I love her children like my own.

I guess I need to get myself in gear. I have done some grading this morning of Paul's school work and went over some things with him. This is the last week of public school and so he wanted to go early today (he's in band) to see his friends in the eighth grade band. So, I sent him with school work to do on own his today.

I am now going to put more laundry in, start some bread, and do a little general straightening and then start on those boxes. JOY! Maybe tonight, I can get some studying done. We shall see.


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