Thursday, July 07, 2005

Isn't over 40 fun?

Lately, I have been getting lovely emails asking me if I have bladder control problems. I always delete them and basically think, "I may be fat, have age spots, have active mono, Chronic Fatigue Syndrone and I might have Hodgkin's disease BUT at least, I don't pee my pants." Click, delete and those dang emails vanish.

Yesterday, I was fixing to take my shower and I sneezed. I sneeze all of the time. That's not unusual. But, this time it was different. I peed. I had NO control. I peed. I wanted to scream. I did say a quick prayer, "Please God, I don't want to buy diapers for me."

I told my 22 year old son want happened later in the day when we were going to the bank. His sweet reply, "Mom, that's just to gross and to much information. Change the subject."

I told my husband what happened. He stifled a laugh as I gave him an evil eye. He added, "Well, honey. I am sure that it was a one time incident. Don't worry about it."

I told him, "Mark it's happened TWICE today."

His loving response was, "Oh, hmmm, maybe you are waiting to long to go to the bathroom."


We went to the associational office and I told the secretary (she is a friend) about me sneezing and peeing. She laughed and said, "Well, join the club."

I told my best friend about it last night on the phone. Lauri sighed and told me she's been sneezing and peeing, too!!! But, she warned me that it can also happen when you LAUGH really hard.

Growing older has it's moments. I mean what will I get to do - trade in sanitary supplies (that you only need for 5 days a month) for Extra large diapers????

At least I have figured out why my grandmother always had such a large pocketbook. It was to carry her diapers. I am thinking that I should carry an extra pair of panties along with a zip lock bag in my pocketbook.

So, am I having fun, yet? NOT. But, I am developing a sick sense of humor.



Anonymous said...

Debbie! LOL! Don't make me laugh... I'll pee my pants!

I uh... am not 40 yet and I sneeze when I pee... er, pee when I sneeze. Or, cough... laugh too hard...

Anonymous said...

ROTFLMHO!!!!!!!!!!! This made me laugh so hard I *almost* peed my pants!!!!

I'm so glad I found your new blog...I love reading it so far!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I hear ya, girlfriend! LOL I haven't joined the pee club yet, but I sure do know what most of the other things feel like that you mentioned. Can't wait for the new heaven and the new earth. :o)