Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Bright lights

Have you ever wanted to turn back the clock? I have. Yesterday, the sun was shining brightly in my bathroom mirror. I should have walked away or turned off some lights but instead I looked into the mirror and the reflection that I saw was shocking. I saw lots of tiny "new" wrinkles that had previously been hidden from view in dimmer conditions. So, I started pulling out ALL of those magical creams that I purchased which had promised all of these amazing results - eye creams, firming creams, heavy duty moisturizers, and serums ... whatever I could find and started slathering all of them on my face.

Sadlly, those wrinkles did not disappear instead they were just soothed a bit by lots of cream which now gave my face a glistening sort of effect. Not exactly the look I was going for.

Time... it moves forward whether we welcome it or try to fight it.   

Each of us has to decide what our reaction will be to the issues that the passage of time has in our lives, hearts, and minds. We can  bemoan it and race to plastic surgeons for facelifts, tummy tucks, and injections of botox. We can spend hard earned dollars on speciality creams from far off places that promise us youth in a bottle. Or, we can simply try to make wise and healthy choices in our lives.

We can spend time with God. We can laugh with loved ones. We can try to see the beauty that the passage of time allows us to witness. 

I have been blessed to get to share nearly 36 years as the wife of my best friend. We have been blessed with 4 children. During these years, we have shared sorrows and we have shared joys. I am amazed that this man still can make my heart skip a beat when he walks into a room. I like being near him whether we are discussing our kids, current events, theological issues, social issues; or, whether we are watching a tv show, reading a book, or in silence. Just being near him brings me joy. 

My life is written in those wrinkles around my eyes and mouth. Some are from tears and some are from laughter. They announce to the world that I am alive and have lived a real life not one filled in with plastic. 

Now, do I like those wrinkles? Not really. Would I prefer that I had fewer? Of course, I would. I will continue to try to smooth them over with my creams but I will also try to understand that they are part of who I am. They remind me of the roads that I had traveled. They show a life that has been lived. And, I imagine in about 5 or 10 years that I will be looking back at pictures of me from today and wishing that I looked this good. Ha. My perception seems to change as I age. I believe that I will try to enjoy life at this stage without worrying about bright lights.

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