Thursday, February 10, 2011

Musings about the book ....

During our interview with Holly Bounds last week, we told her that we were outlining a book which we hope to write this summer. Preliminary plans are to share our experience about the kidnapping with transparency. Luckily, I kept journals off and on during those first years. When I peruse some of those writings, I am astounded that we continued to function, raise a son, and adopt another one. We were fortunate in that our faith in Christ remained constant.

While we experienced periods of discouragement, ultimately His sustaining sovereignty provided us with strength and joy compelling us to move forward in our lives and family. In our present condition, God’s faithfulness and love for us is measureable by finite human standards; however, during the early years of sorrow, my faith faltered similar to a baby’s first steps. Now, I realize that like a caring parent encouraging his child to learn to walk, all the while standing closely by his side, God was training me how to walk in a new direction. His design for me was to walk in a way which would magnify the glory of His holiness.

Of course, there are times when we fall and bruise our knees but our loving Father bandages our wounds. He has patiently cradled me during my times of forsakenness, sorrow, pain and tantrums as a parent holds his inconsolable child. These are the moments that I want to share with other aching Christians. All will experience tragedy, sorrow, or illness in our lives. None are immune from the influences of this fallen world. But, each of us can stand with security and hope if we continue to stay the course the Father has set before us. We plan to share God’s embracing arms and His healing salve that enable His children to find joy and peace during times of unfathomable sorrow.

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