Friday, February 13, 2009

Trying to get back into the normalcy of life...

Surreal seems a good word to describe the events of our lives for the past several days. A two decade old prayer was answered a week ago Monday evening. We were given the news that our precious children, Christi and Bobby, had been found. When Bill Sharp sent us their photographs, I couldn't stop crying. I kept touching their beautiful faces on the computer screen with my hand.

There are no words to describe that moment when I saw their faces. How does one verbalize those kinds of feelings?

Right now, we covet prayers. We are praising God for allowing us to find out that they are alive. We are praising God for allowing us to see photos of them. But, we are heartbroken over not seeing them or talking to them.

Last night, as I tried to go to sleep, I wept for my parents. I wept for all the pain and sorrow they have inflicted on so many people. I wept as I thought of my father behind bars. I wept as I thought of my mother. There is such an array of conflicting emotions concerning them. On one hand, they are my parents and I never stopped loving them. Yet, the people that I should have been able to love and trust tried to destroy our reputations and stole our two oldest children. They did the unspeakable to us and to my children. If not for Jesus Christ carrying me all these years, I would not have survived. But, Christ showed me how to walk in forgiveness and faith.

Christi and Bobby are in the forefront of my thoughts and prayers. I have not ceased praying that God is giving them grace, gentleness, and assurance. I am praying that true memories of their lives with us with begin to surface. When we visited California, I was thankful that they had been raised in a beautiful state. I tried to imagine what their lives had been like. As I looked at the view of the mountains, I wondered how many times they gazed at those mountains?

There is no way we can get back all the years of their precious lives. We have lost that time but our fervent hope and prayer is that we can begin building a future with them.


Anonymous said...

I am continuing to send up many prayers for you and your ENTIRE family.

I hope you included the address to this blog in your notes or msgs. to your children. I can't see how they could read this and not find compassion in their hearts to contact you.

Noel said...

You and your family are in my prayers Mrs. Debbie.
I love you,

Graham said...

You amazed me over 16 years ago when I first heard your story and saw the faith that you and Mark had in a Sovereign God who does indeed "work all things together for good." You amaze me even more today than then. As I have grown in my friendship with you, I realize more and more what an amazing person you are and what an amazing, awesome, grace-giving God we serve! Praise His Name! "Her children shall arise and call her blessed!" Because you are just that, my precious sister in Christ. I love you all, Danna

Aaron Gray said...

Mrs. Debbie!
I must admit that I have read just about every article about Christi and Bobby being found! And every time I start crying! God is so good and it is amazing to see how He is faithful sespite the amount of time that has gone by... I will continue to pray that God would carry this work "on to the day of completion." He will give you that strength that you have been praying for and receiving the last 2o years. Above everything else, I am praising God for how amazing He is!
With so much love,
your Georgian son,

Luska Natali said...

Dear Debbie,

I am praying for you guys. Keep trusting God. The hardest part is over with... you've found your children. God can show them what really happen and give them a desire to get to know you and Mark, and your sons, and to get to know how great you guys are.



Leah-Joy said...

As I have said efore, you and your precious family are and WILL be in our prayers! Thank you for you awesome exampke of a caring mother, lovung daughter, faithful wife and continualy growing daughter of the Kingdom!

I love you!

Minkydo said...

(((Debbie))) Praying.