Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Our news..........

First, I know that many of y'all know that 2 or 3 weeks ago, Mark did several interviews. This was in regard to a ten year old lead on finding our children. Honestly, I didn't expect anything to turn up. But, as always there is hope - even the smallest glimmer.

Yesterday evening when Mark was at Brewton Parker College playing in one of the groups he is in, he got a call from our police detective Bill Sharp. He told Mark that he felt like they had found my father in CA. He was sending me a poorly scanned photo of him to identify. I immediately knew it was my dad.

Mark came home to be with me and we began calling prayer warriors to cover my parents, my children, the police in CA, the FBI, our detectives, Michael and Paul and Mark and me. In the meantime, there were several phones happening between Mark and Det. Sharp.

(I am trying to give a time frame of events in our home last night. I may be off on some of the times.)

At approximately 12:30 AM this morning, we got a call that he had found photos of my beloved children. He scanned those and sent them to me. The children are beautiful.
Sometime after 12:30 AM, our detective called to say that the San Jose Police had this man, in custody.

This morning, about 30 minutes ago, Det. Sharp called my husband with the following information.

The man admitted to being Marvin Maple (my father).
They believe that my mother is dead.
My father has a stroke a few years ago but has recovered.
My beautiful daughter, Christi, has a nursing degree and works in hospital administration. Christi is still single.
My handsome son, Bobby, is married. I don't have any other information on Bobby at this time.

Det. Sharp and his partner are arriving in CA this evening at 11 PM with the signed paperwork to extradite my father to Tennessee. The FBI is involved, too BUT it was this God-sent man, Bill Sharp and his partner who have done the impossible. I will forever be grateful.

At this point, I have no idea if our children will even want to talk with us. We are praying that their hearts and minds are ready to hear the truth. I cannot stress enough to y'all how grateful that I am to see their faces and to know that my prayers of God granting them a somewhat normal life has, in fact, transpired. God is good.

I have had 1.5 hours sleep. I went to work and my principals sent me home. My co-workers, Joy and Brad, are handling everything for me. I cannot thank God enough for his compassionate care. He is faithful.

I am still ill and have a severe migraine but I am convinced that the one who has carried me this long.... will not forsake me now.

Right now, my urgent prayer request is to put a desire in Christi and Bobby to rejoin our family. I know that they have lives out in CA. But, I am hoping that the years the locusts have eaten will somehow begin to be restored.

To God be the Glory.

Love to each of you who have been faithful all of these years in praying for my broken hurting family,


Anonymous said...

That is INCREDIBLE. God is so good. Praying for a chance for you and your kid to be reunited.

Mary Jane

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I am so excited for you.

I am the one who runs the myspace page "findthebaskins". I will wait a couple of days, or until you say, to post anything about this.

I wish you all the best in the next few days.

God Bless you,

Anonymous said...

Such great news!

I googled to see if I could find a news report about this (thinking local paper/media) and found a website "Unsolved Mysteries" with a discussion about this case. Such a long time, people have been praying for this news!

Prayers for Bobby and Christi to be willing to restore what was lost.

OH Kim

Anonymous said...

Such great news!!! So many people have been praying for you that the kids would be brought home!!

I'll be praying that you have a happy reunion soon!

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled and excited. I am praying they will be open to the truth and be reunited with you all.


Kearsmom said...

Praise God, He is so good! He has already answered so many prayers! What seemed impossible has become possible! Much love to you, my friend, and to all of you. Our prayers will not stop!

Briony C said...

Oh, wow!!!

I thought the San Diego tip would lead somewhere because Detective Sharp had a "gut feeling" about it despite the age of the tip. I know gut feelings should be taken seriously.

But to hear the news that they actually had been found after they had always been one hop ahead of you...it was so overwhelming, and I'm still reeling!

I wish you the very best of luck in reconnecting with your children!

Anonymous said...

Praise God! This is just awesome!! I've been kept updated on the latest happenings, and have been praying! I'll continue! I'm so happy for you!! (((Debbie)))


Anonymous said...

I couldn't be happier for you all. Many prayers and praises are going up for you and your family. Hoping for a wonderful reunion to happen soon.
I feel blessed to call you friend and to able to celebrate and pray with and for you.

Jamie in Ks.

Leah-Joy said...

You and your precious family will be in our prayers!

We love you all!

Mg* said...

This is such amazing news! Words can not say how happy I am for y'all

Anonymous said...

I was thrilled to read the update! I pray that your relationship will be restored! God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

God bless you all. I have followed your story for many years and I am so grateful to hear that your prayers have been answered. I will pray now that your family will become complete once again. Amen

Beck said...

Praise God! I have been praying for you this weekend/ week and wondered why God had put you on my heart!

This is the best most awesome news (((((Debbie)))))! Thank you for sharing with us.

Praying for all of you!


r said...

(((Debbie and family))) Praise the Lord! I am so happy for you and your family. I'm praying for restoration.

Anonymous said...

Debbie and Mark I am so very happy for you all. Yes, GOD is good and will always be. We miss you but pray that you are happy. God bless

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Debbie. I've been praying for you to be reunited with your children for over a decade now.

Now that they have finally been found, I will keep praying for your reunion to be as smooth as possible.

God Bless!

Briony C said...

I thought 2009 would be a big year for you: First you had the calling you mentioned in your "Aged Wine" entry, and then Detective Sharp has a gut feeling your children are in the San Diego area.

I can't help wondering if the calling you have received may be linked to the discovery of your children and father.

Jenny said...

Oh Debbie!! I am so happy for you and your family!! Praise Jesus for answered prayers! I will be praying for the continued healing in your family. I am sooooo happy!!!

Anonymous said...

God bless you all,
I have followed your story for many years and I am so grateful to hear that your prayers have been answered.I also am on the findthebaskins Myspace page as well and I have always prayed for you, your family and there safe return!!! I will continue to pray for you and your Family as you begin the next chapter in your Lives!!!

Modesto, California

Hidden Garden said...

GOd is faithful and just. I am SO happy for your family!

Anonymous said...

No doubt you are now a very busy woman. I found out about your joy through a mutual person. I wanted to let you know that the only reason I have posted about this anywhere is to correct all the lies I know you have told us were such. Several non-homeschooling message boards have continued to post horrible things about you and Mark, things I know false. And, acting as though I would want someone to do the same for me(should it ever happen), I went on these boards and controlled the damage being done. I had to tell them the truth.

All of that to say, someone had wondered who the "Toni W..." was on various places and it was me--ToniCW, GothicGyrl--who went all over trying to shut these idiots up who believe the lies.

Do not be mad at me for doing so, Debbie. I only did it because I would want someone to do the same for me.

I am so very happy for you. I have spent this entire day crying, getting angry, and crying some more.

I may no longer be a believer, but I really do hope and pray that this works out for the best. I wish you nothing but the best Debbie and Mark(and Michael and Paul).

ToniCW aka GothicGyrl aka Toni Wilson

Love Life said...

Hi, I've seen Toni's posts and they are very in tune with your family. Not knowing you, it sure helped clear up everything for me. I will keep praying for a complete reunion full of love & joy. God Bless all you and what you've been through. You DO know God will continue to carry you through what lies ahead.

Again, thanks Toni for your posting on message boards, people can be so mean and say terrible things. Its great for this Debbie to have such a friend in you.

Briony C said...

I admire and praise the courage of your son, who has gone up on the Murfreesboro Post to speak out against some people who are saying dreadful and utterly stupid things about you for various reasons.

Deborah said...

Hello there, Mrs. Debbie! I just wanted to thank you for your prayers in my life and to let you know you are being prayed for here as well! Aaron told me all about your wonderful news ... you are right, God is SO FAITHFUL!

Hope said...

What an awesome God we serve!

I love you,
Hope :)