Saturday, January 03, 2009

Aged Wine

My friend, Marsha, called me today on the phone. I was telling her that I feel the need to expand my area of ministry. I have felt so boxed in the last several months. I miss seeing the power of the Holy Spirit move in the lives of His children. I feel called to get serious about preaching and ministering to women.

After I shared my heart with her, Marsha told me that an evangelist came to her church on New Year’s Eve. One of the statements that he made really impressed her. She felt led to share it with me. I will try to paraphrase his comments.

He compared those of us nearing or past fifty to aged wine. He said that he felt those who have faithfully served the Lord for many years, especially those in the ministry, would be poured out this year on God’s people like perfect aged wine.

I guess that Mark and I both fit into both categories: in the ministry and old. The road has not always been easy. The path has been heartbreaking at times. However, there have also been moments of great joy. We have been honored to witness the lost being saved, the hurting comforted, and the sick healed. The journey has been one of victory and defeat. We have cried tears of sorrow and joy.

Yet, I have never felt complete in my calling or that I was using my gifts to the fullest of the abilities that God has given me. I wonder why I still desire to step out of my comfort zone and be used of God in certain areas. The areas to which I feel God is calling me are not the normal Baptist route. However, the calling or desires are not fading. In fact, they seem to be getting stronger.

This year, I want to see the power of the Holy Spirit made manifest in my life to a great degree. I want to see His face daily and abide strongly in His presence. There are three areas of my life that I am praying about it. I will not share those areas on my blog, today. But, I will write them down. Next year at this time, I hope to be able to report how God made His answers and wisdom known to me and to my beloved husband.

I covet the prayers of fellow believers as this year begins. I will be praying for those of you who read my blog.

May all of us walk this year fully seeing His light and direction in our lives.



Hope said...

I will be praying for you.

I love you,
Hope :)

Wendy aka "Grits" said...


Briony C said...

My thoughts are with you. I know that whatever you are being called to do will manifest when the conditions and timing are right, and whatever it is will be utterly fantastic. When you get that kind of feeling it can't be otherwise. Just keep asking for guidance, and it will show itself when it is ready.

I find your blog so amazing and uplifting; in spite of all that you have been through, you still feel gratitude, joy and faith in the Almighty.

r said...

Debbie, you're in my prayers.

Briony C said...

Dear Debbie and Mark,

I've heard about the San Diego lead, and I've had an idea. How about having Michael take part in the public appeal? Your children, if they are there, may be more likely to respond if they heard a message from their brother.