Saturday, December 27, 2008

More on Christmas

Christmas evokes many memories some joyous while others can make us cry. Yet every year, Christmas comes. We make decisions about how we celebrate and the memories we create. When we lived in Florida there were several Christmases where I felt rather alone and isolated. Luckily, we have dear family friends in Tampa who included us in their family gathering. These are sweet memories.

I always felt very blessed that godly wonderful people filled in the gap for me after my family's attempt to destroy me and my family. God is faithful and He scoops up the brokenhearted and holds them close and then calls His faithful children to love and care for His wounded and weary children.

Over the years, God has placed people in my life that became family. They have become stronger family than blood because God bonded us together with His Spirit. Lauri and her family are some of my wonderful blessings and gifts from God. We usually try to get together over the holidays - because you get together with family during this season.

Lauri and her kids arrived the evening of December 26. Here are a few photos of all of us.

Aaron and Glenn

Taylor, Lauri and Rachel

I realized that I have been making digital videos instead of photos. I'll see about downloading one of them later.

Mark was going shopping for me the day before Christmas when the radiator broke in half in the Mustang. He had to have Paul come pick him up. The car was fixed on Friday morning, so he went and picked me up a few more things. He got me the Anniversary Willow Tree figurine. Here are a couple of photos of me and my best and only husband. We will be celebrating 29 years of marriage on Monday, December 29.

Mark and me.

Mark,me and pink slippers.


Kearsmom said...

I'm reading this as you are finishing celebrating your day. Happy Anniversary my dear friend! And many more!

Leah-Joy said...

It looks like you had a great CHRISTmas!!! Mama and Daddy's anniversary was on the 20th! They have been married for 27 years!

Love you!

r said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends!