Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thoughts on Election 2008

I am saddened by the election but not surprised in the least. I really felt like there was a good chance for Obama to be elected president when he began his campaign. When he beat Hillary, I told Mark that he would most likely win. I honestly believed that God revealed this to my spirit

During the primaries, one of my friends said to me that she hoped the he would beat Hillary because there was no way he would win. I told her that I disagreed and that if he beat Hillary, he would probably be our next president.

In my humble opinion this man doesn't serve or believe in the same God that I do. My God does not promote hate speech. My God does not want infants killed. My God does not want many of the things that this man appears to support.

That said, my God is bigger the new President-elect. The outcome of this election did not surprise God. In fact, God knew how this election would turn out since the dawn of time.

So, I will sleep, pray, worship and continue on with my life in faith. I have faith that Christ is in control. If God allowed this to take place then I intend to believe that He has a purpose. Do I know His purpose? No way!! But, I can reason a few things by studying the scripture and seeing how God dealt with Israel when she cried for a king.

We live in a time and country where entertainment has surpassed worship. We live in a time when a baby's life has less value than an IPod. We live in a time when many people expect and then get a free ride. We live in a time and country that has lost her first love.

Read Revelation. Read Chronicles. Read Judges. No Christian should be surprised at this election. We should be shamed. We should be on our knees and begging for God to give us wisdom.

I do know there are truths about my Father. He is able to move in places that I cannot go. He sees the past, the present, and the future. If I am wringing my hands and wailing than perhaps I am not praying to and trusting in my God. I have had to believe and trust in His care for my kidnapped children for nearly 20. If I can trust Him with my children being raised by liars and thieves then I fully believe that I can trust Him with my country.

God is in control. God makes kings and God brings kings low.

I also believe that we are called to pray for our president-elect. We should probably be praying for him more than we have ever prayed for any of our presidents in recent years. The Bible tells us to give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s. I realize that scripture was referring to taxation but I believe that God expects us to respect those in authority.

Does that mean that we are to agree with earthly authority? No. Respect does not mean to agree with someone. Respect means to have regard, to treat with consideration, and to give honor.

I can respect someone with whom I do not agree. I can pray for him. I can demonstrate a proper attitude. I believe that God is testing my heart and my response to this election. My deep prayer is that I do not disappoint God by my actions, thoughts or words.



Hope said...

May we all pray for our new president and ask God for mercy upon America.

Love you,
Hope :)

r said...

Very good post, Debbie. I wholeheartedly agree.