Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Heading to Hilton Head.......

Best laid plans sometimes aren't the best laid plans. One of the things that I decided to do with my first official pay check this school year was to pay for a trip to Hilton Head for Mark and me as part of his birthday present. I scheduled it for September. Wouldn't you know it that was the week-end that a hurricane was heading to North Carolina? We had to reschedule the trip for this week-end. Yep, we are heading to the beach in November. I actually don't think that we will be sunning or swimming.

And, today I realized that my throat is getting sore. I have had students out with strep which isn't encouraging me. Tonight, I reasoned it was probably best for me to stay home from church and allow my throat to rest. There was no way that I could sing tonight.

I also discovered that when my throat is hurting, I am not a very nice teacher. My last period classes were probably glad to get out of my room today.

Paul is learning to drive the car. He still has problems shifting into first gear and has stalled out on more than one occasion. However, I have let him drive it to school both yesterday and today. I freely admit that I walk into my classroom praying that God protects him as he heads to his school across town. He told me that he now thinks about the route he takes before he drives off. He picks the least traveled and the least busy intersections. I have assured him that he will stop picking his driving routes that way once he gets comfortable with shifting gears.

I put a picture of Paul in the car on my desk computer at work as my screen saver. I can't believe how many fifth graders have noticed that photo! They actually know that it's a Mustang. Honestly, I wouldn't have known or cared that my teacher had a Mustang when I was in the fifth grade. Times have certainly changed! Now, I did know all the latest Barbie dolls when I was in the fifth grade. I got a Stacy Barbie doll for Christmas that year. She had red hair and I thought she was lovely. I have always liked red. hehehe

Well, I am going to try and get some laundry done, so that I will not be rushing like a mad woman tomorrow trying to clean house, pack, and do laundry. Mark and I plan on leaving right after work on Friday. The boys will be staying home. Neither one seemed interested in going to the beach in November. Go figure!


Dana said...

I'm so glad you left a comment, because it allowed me to find you! My laptop died, and I lost all my bookmarks and email addresses. Have fun at Hilton Head with Mark, and drop me an email at when you get a chance. I can't believe how big Paul has gotten!

Hope said...

Sounds like fun! I hope y'all enjoy yourselves.

I love you,
Hope :)

Kearsmom said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!