Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trying again!!!

Several weeks ago I tried to upload several pics into my blog and after waiting for hours.... they never went through. Ugh! But, it's time that I give a little update on our lives.

Since I last blogged....

Michael did his senior project defense presentation, graduated from Brewton Parker College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis on Film and Script writing, and celebrated with a cook-out here at the house. Paul graduated from high school and had his Eagle ceremony. We are extremely proud of both of our sons!

We were blessed to be able to share all of these events with dear friends.... some traveled up from Florida or down from north Georgia. Linda O. flew up and helped keep me on track with Paul's Eagle ceremony. I do not think that I could have managed without her help. Debi and David M. drove up from Arcadia, FL and helped with the final touches of the decorations and David was in charge of the official ceremony. Linda had spent hours for the past several months sending out letters for me, creating the program and basically being my brain for the event! God has blessed me with dear friends. Several dear ladies baked wonderful cakes for the dinner and Rebecca A. and Kathy R. (along with Linda) came out to the church on Friday and helped me cook nearly all day long. Linda O. had the U.S. flag flown over the capital in Washington, D.C. and Lynda T. had the Georgia state flag flown over the capital in Atlanta, GA and both presented these gifts to Paul during the ceremony.

Paul getting his Eagle Charge.

Jessie N. presenting Paul with his Eagle badge.

Mom getting a hug from her Eagle Scout.

Paul pinning his Dad.

Eagle Scouts will usually present mentor pins to those who encouraged them on their road to becoming an Eagle. Paul decided that two men were influential in his journey. David began with Paul as a Cub Scout in Arcadia, Fl. Jessie was Paul's Scout Master here in Vidalia.

Paul presenting a mentor pin to David M.

Paul presenting Jessie N. with a mentor pin.

However, Paul insisted that two other people influenced his life not specifically in becoming an Eagle but in becoming the young man he is today. He wanted to honor these individuals at his Eagle and High school graduation ceremony.

Paul presenting Michael K. with a pin.

Paul giving his second mom, Lauri G., a pin.

Two very special ladies giving Paul special gifts!

Linda O. giving Paul the U.S. flag she had flown for him.

Lynda T. and Paul.

Lynda Talmadge giving Paul the Georgia flag.

Mom & Dad presenting Paul with his High School diploma.

At the reception!

Three Eagle Moms - Me, Linda O. and Debi M.

Michael's cook-out also became a group endeavor with Jimmy and Patricia D. helping us by providing a tent canopy and many other items. Lauri's sons, Glenn and Taylor both came down and helped with the set up, too and attended graduation. Mandi K. attended graduation and helped with the set-up. Danna D. and Daniel her son, drove over from the Macon area and celebrated with us, too. We hadn't seen Daniel for several years and it was wonderful to see him. Michael was blessed by all of the folks who came to rejoice with him.

Michael at his Senior Defense presentation.

Michael and Professor Jones.

Michael and Dr. Brucie.

Graduation DAY!!!

Sitting and waiting during the graduation ceremonies....

Our college graduate, Michael!

Time to celebrate with a few friends!

Mandi & Tayor


Michael & Daniel

Three Friends - Patricia D., me, and Danna D.

Jimmy D., Patricia's other half!

Lynda T. - one extremely special lady!

Mark, one proud Dad!

After two extremely tiring but happy weeks - Michael's graduation and cook-out followed the next week-end by Paul's Eagle ceremony and dinner - Linda O. and I managed a short get-away to Savannah before she had to fly back to Florida. We had a lovely but too short a trip. We went on a historic tour, caught a musical, dined out, and soaked in the hot tub!

Arriving to dinner in style in a limo!

Friends! Posing for a photo in the limo.

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That is such a great graduation pix of your son. Ours were mostly taken from the bleachers!