Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Update on doc visit....

I saw the doc yesterday and got him to take me off the chemo pills, folic acid, and reduce the prednisone. He is weaning me off the prednisone and I should be off of it in three months. My eyes are still not producing tears which indicates that the chemo and prednisone high doses didn't seem to help. However, I believe that I am producing a little bit of saliva. I am praying that tear production begins.

Oh, he reminded me that extended high doses of prednisone can make one diabetic. ugh. I had forgotten he told us that back in October. Anyway, he's running blood work for that disease. I do not want to be diabetic.

We discussed a diet and exercise program to take off weight. Mark and I both began today. My goal is to take off at least 30 pounds by the beginning of May. Surely, that is a doable goal. I am giving myself 4 months, so the average weight loss would be around 2 pounds a week. Please pray that we are successful.

Christmas was wonderful. I'll post pictures and tell about it in another thread.

I hope everyone had a joyous holiday season and that this New Year brings blessings and joy into your lives.

Hugs and prayers,


Deborah said...

How I wish that your eyes felt better. I love you and think of you all the time. I met friends from 1st Baptist, who remembered you very fondly and of course I forgot their names. Their daughter is Melinda Evans, and a missionary to Central America. I am praying for a cure, for something to help, for relief and strength. congrats on the A!! You go girl!!
I love you very much,

Darell and Noel said...

Hello Mrs. Debbie!

I will be praying for you and Mr. Mark as you work together towards your goal. You can meet it!
As well as prayer for healing for your body.

You are such an amazing woman of God and I am so blessed to know you Mrs. Debbie. :)

I love you and miss you,
Noel :0)