Monday, May 17, 2010

Unexpected news.....

Mark's mom sends us articles from the local paper in Tennessee from time-to-time. Today an envelope arrived with an article about my niece, Sandy. I was at the hospital when Sandy was born. She is the oldest child of my older sister, Sherry. I have not seen her in over twenty-one years, so she would not know me.

My niece has been fighting lupus and recently received some horrible news that she has stage IV melanoma. The cancer is in her foot, lymph nodes, and liver. Right now, the outcome appears bleak since the cancer has moved to her liver. However, she and her husband have traveled in Texas to M.D. Anderson Melanoma and Skin Center in Houston. She is hoping to receive treatment and to beat the odds and live.

Please join us in prayers that Sandy will live and not only get to raise her beautiful children, but will live to see her grandchildren.

While I know that Sandy doesn't know me or her Uncle Mark, we are praying for her and wish her health and a blessed long life. My heart is just breaking for her, her husband and their two children.

To Him Who is ABLE, I give the praise.


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Unknown said...

Lifting them up in prayer, as well as you and your family.