Thursday, October 08, 2009

Good Intentions

The other day I was inspired to write a piece but I felt like I didn't have the time. So, I made a few notes with the intention of writing it up later in the week.

This morning I have been looking at my abbreviated notes and I get absolutely nothing! I wish I had found the time to write this up the other day. It's like all of the creativity has been sucked out of my brain. I might as well be trying to interpret the Rosetta Stone. Okay, comparing my chicken scratch notes to the Rosetta Stone is approximating a drop of water to the Pacific in the big scheme of life. However, in my fumbling mind this idea was going to be a great devotion that would inspire the masses (insert eye roll) or perhaps just a few weary pilgrims on their journey with Christ.

This situation is quite maddening since I was so excited about my idea. I can’t remember how I was going to thread my thoughts together. That’s the main problem. Somewhere in my overloaded brain the ideas are still there but I can’t seem to access the information in an applicable way.

Now, I am left speculating if there is a way to help me jar my memory. Obviously my notes are of no help. I wrote them in red, put little stars by certain words, and drew an arrow to a section. Despite my fancy comments and doodles, I am still drawing a blank. The excitement has vanished. While I see the potential in the idea, the urgency of it is no longer persuading me to act.

As I write this frivolous piece, another random thought pops into my beleaguered brain. Do we as Christians have amazing ideas for ministry, in reaching the lost, or simply to contact another? However, we put the ideas on hold and then never return to actually do them. Does the Holy Spirit beckon us to act but we make excuses as to our hectic schedules and ignore His urging. How many moments have we missed?

Good intentions without action often get negative results. Some may feel that an unfair statement. Perhaps, a receiver in a football game doesn’t complete the play. In all fairness, he meant to do it. He thought about doing it but he waited and didn’t act. So, the ball gets intercepted and the opposing team scores. This is an extremely simplistic physical illustration of a spiritual truth. When we as Christian don’t act and ignore that “still small voice” the opposing team scores.

We get so caught up in this physical life that we miss opportunities and never realize our potential or the full power of God’s ability and desire to lead us. And, in ignoring God, we allow Satan to score. Of course, we know the final outcome. We know Christ wins the big battle but I am left pondering how many defeats could be avoided if we acted when the Holy Spirit inspires.

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