Sunday, September 06, 2009

Oppsssss.... I guess I haven't posted in a bit.

Man, I check on blogs that I follow usually at least once a week. I often wonder why certain people haven't updated their blog. And, sort of - kind of want to leave them a message to POST a new blog. Really, how dare they leave me hanging!!

Today, I looked at my date and it's been a while since I posted. However, I don't think that my blog is followed much and it doesn't bother anyone SO that lets me off the proverbial "hook" of not being a diligent blogger.

Let's see.... School for Paul is going pretty good. He's NOT doing his chemistry like he should, so I am considering buying Lifepacks for him instead of the Apologia which I bought and paid for. Grrrr. His Chalkdust math is coming along nicely! Great program which I got used at a great price!!! His favorite subjects would be Psychology and music.

Paul, Mandi (a friend of Paul's) and I went up to Calhoun/Rome, GA near the end of August to see Taylor off before he left for Sweden to attend Bible College for a year. I also got to see another dear friend, Deborah and her new children recently adopted from Ghana!

I had a wonderful visit with Deborah. I forget how much I enjoy her until I get to spend time with her and then find myself missing her terribly. Her children are all growing up into such fine young women. It was been a blessing watching them grow and excel.

I am going to try and post a few photos from that trip.

The Three Beauties - I know everyone is jealous of this LOOK! (Me, Deborah & Lauri)!

Deborah, Marigrace, Whitney Faith, Leah Joy & Hope

Wil, two fast moving youngones, & T.L.

Hope, Jubilee, Jessie, & Marigrace

Lauri's folks: Vern & Joyce; and Taylor, Paul, & Mandi

Celebrating Taylor's 19th Birthday!

The Group: Standing L to R: Paul, Rachel, Lauri, Taylor, me, Mandi, Deborah (Aaron's girlfriend), Front: Glenn with Aaron sitting on him.

Our lovely and smart boys.... a very refreshing view of them.

Taylor, Glenn, & Aaron.... GO!!!


Kearsmom said...

Good job. I need to update mine as well. I don't really know what I'm waiting on...inspiration I suppose.

Hope said...

Fun times!! It was so good to see you and Mrs. Lauri again. I can't wait until your next visit :)

I love you!
Hope :)