Saturday, June 20, 2009

Getting Paul's curriculum together.....

I have just about decided on Paul's 11th grade curriculum. Most of it should start arriving next week which should give me plenty of time to study it and make lesson plans for him to follow the first several weeks of school.

I am doing less traditional school this year with Paul. Michael used mainly BJU and LifePacs along with Education Plus when he was in High School - years ago.

After researching and talking to friends, here's what I came up with for Paul.

Algebra 2 - Chalkdust Math. Mark and I were very impressed with the series and the professor that teaches it. We also liked the fact that Paul can call or get help through email. However, I should be able to handle most Algebra 2 questions....

Notgrass American History. That will cover history, Bible and Literature. I love being able to pull together several subjects.

BJU Grammar and Composition and Easy Grammar Plus. (Paul's weakest area, in my opinion, is research and writing.)

He also needs to finish Vocabulary from Classical Roots. He started with a lot of steam on that in January and then slowed down.

Rosetta Stone French.

Since he needs to complete his Physical Fitness badge for Scouts, I'll also have him join a gym.

He wants to take voice lessons at the college. I hope that Mark will find a professor to teach him. ....

So, that's my run down. Please pray that this year goes smoothly and that my son increases in wisdom and knowledge.


P.S. I forgot to mention his Chemistry curriculum!! He will be using Apologia Chemistry. He would probably LOVE not having science but that's not going to happen. LOL


Graham said...

Sounds like ole times! I love Paul's haircut. The pic of Mark with his mom and his siblings is so sweet. I love to see how people favor! Where was Michael?

Debbie B said...

Hey Danna,

Michael was on a Mission trip. He came up after to visit with Charlotte a couple of days.

TobyBo said...

this is remarkably similar to what my Miss Dance will be doing for 11th. :)

Kearsmom said...

Sounds good! We must think girls are both doing Beautiful Feet for history which will also cover Lit (I also love combining!). And we are doing Vocabulary from Classical Roots! And I am hoping Kearsdad will let me order Rosetta Stone Spanish.