Monday, June 16, 2008

Paul's Youth Group's Skit to "Everything"

I accidentally turned off the video near the beginning while trying to zoom in on the kids. I quickly started it from this point. Paul is the boy who dances with the girl. I am so glad the Cotillion has found some use in his life. I couldn't figure out how to zoom in a dark theater. Sorry. So, the video is not that great. You can't see the expressions on the faces.


Deborah said...

This looked like a really powerful skit! I think that showing God's love through drama strikes people in the heart, and can be remembered long after they've seen the skit.

I can't believe how your boys have grown into young men. Where did time go?

I miss you and love you ~

Anonymous said...

My heart is still racing!! They did an excellent job, Debbie. Just beautiful! :-)

Anonymous said...

Powerful and nicely done. Congratulations to Paul and his drama teammates.