Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My piano Christmas party.........

Here's a group shot of some of my students. They all seemed to have a good time. Once everyone got here, they played their Christmas pieces on the piano. Then, I finished putting out our spread (which I forgot to take pictures of but it was pretty) One of my students prayer over the food and then everyone ate.

Oh, my final menu for the party was:
Sausage Balls
Meatballs in BBQ sauce
Veggie tray with ranch dressing
Chex Mix
Iced sugar cookies
Chocolate chip and nut cookies
Chocolate/peanut butter fudge
Dipped pretzels
A Christmas punch

You could not tell from the weather that it is December. Everyone ate out on the screened in porch. After we ate, we came in and I gave the students their gifts and opened my presents from them.

I am freezing lots of cookies to carry up to Lauri's house. I have all the Christmas baking done that I plan in doing. Well, I may make some Cranberry orange loaves. I found a recipe and now I just need to find it, again. I bought the cranberries to make the bread. LOL

HoHoHo and Merry Christmas to All!!!


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Deborah said...

WHEN did you have time to do all this???? I didn't know that you were still teaching piano and going to school. The menu was incredible. YOU are incredible.